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Vip O2 Oxygen Detox Facial

Oxygenate your skin and detox

Booster VIP O2 detoxifies & re-oxygenates the skin. Thanks to its innovative micro-massaging foam texture and skin-rolling technique, makes the skin healthy and luminous.

1h - 1h 30min From 250 CHF

Book Treatment OnlineReception:  +41 22 535 68 33
WhatsApp: +41 78 979 39 39
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A miracle in a bottle.
Kim Kardashian’s new beauty routine.
My skin has never looked better.
Biologique Recherche Products

Biologique Recherche Products

All the treatments use products are distinguished by a high concentration of vegetable, bio-marine and organic active ingredients from 30 to 80%. This makes the results immediate and lasting.

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